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Community Relations

The San Cristóbal Foundation was formed to assist in modernizing the community of San Cristóbal, Bolivia. The entire community of San Cristóbal was moved, including relocating its sixteenth century church and local cemetery to a nearby location away from the mining operations.

Through the San Cristóbal Foundation we have implemented a number of other notable sustainable development projects with the help of local governmental agencies and community members including:

  • The development of model towns Culpina K, Villa Villa, and Villa Alota
  • Opening a new, privately run hotel-restaurant called Mongo’s
  • Starting a bike tour company called Llama-Mama that conducts bicycle trips around local points of interest
  • Llama-Mama also builds new roads with the help of workers from local communities so that new areas are accessible by bicycle
  • Donating computers to a school in San Cristóbal
  • Building a greenhouse facility that grows vegetables for local commercial consumption


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