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PROJECT PIPELINE – Advanced Exploration Stage Projects

Target Area: Muleros

Location, Geology and Mineralization

Located in the northern part of the Zacatecas Mining District, the Muleros area covers an area of roughly 1,800 meters by 2,400 meters, where four sub-parallel epithermal vein-faults outcrop. The veins are composed of quartz and calcite, and contain silver mineralization associated with minor antimony and lead and zinc. The main vein system bears N40° to 70°W and dips 60° to 85° mainly to the southwest, with thicknesses that vary from 0.1 meters to 6.2 meters, and lengths from 1,000 to 2,500 meters, with shorter offshoots. The total length of all the outcropping veins is about 6,500 meters, and the total length of the inferred veins (i.e., those that do not continuously outcrop) is 2,100 meters, with an average width of 1.33 meters. From 2006 to the present, we have taken approximately 1,100 surface samples from outcrops and trenches.

Drill Results

At Muleros, we have drilled 37 diamond drill holes totaling approximately 6,800 meters. There were two stages of drilling. The first program was carried out with a total of 3,840 meters distributed over 31 short bore holes. The purpose of this program was to determine the structural behavior of the veins, the vein textures and the geochemistry at a vertical depth of about 100 meters from the surface. The second program was carried out with a total of 2,976 meters distributed over six boreholes. These holes were deeper tests (over 300 meters in depth), meant to intersect the veins in a postulated zone of high grade mineralization. The results indicate that the dip of the veins changed, becoming less steep than indicated at the surface and the intersections were less deep than planned (meaning they may have intercepted the upper part of a possible zone). Results from this drilling returned narrow intercepts of silver mineralization. Our results to date indicate that the more promising part of the Muleros target may be in the southeastern part of the area.



Assay and Drill Results


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