Community Relations

Golden Minerals engages positively and constructively with residents and community groups in areas where our facilities and activities are located. We seek to improve the well-being of communities affected by our activities and to emphasize mutually beneficial working relationships with local constituencies.


In the Velardeña (Durango State), Mexico area we engage with the Velardeña and Vista Hermosa community groups. We maintain formal long-term contracts with each community; contracts are presented to the local government that establish the obligations and rights of both parties.

Golden Minerals supports the local communities to assist with varied economic and environmental needs, and we meet with each group at least bi-weekly in order to maintain close working relationships. We provide ongoing support to varied programs that include the following activities:

  • Golden hires personnel from the communities;
  • We support the maintenance of community roads;
  • We provide some water for livestock in each community;
  • We participate in community events and formal meetings; and,
  • We provide support for multiple local holidays and festivities throughout the year.

Our Community Relations program falls within the scope of the company’s Sustainability Policy, a copy of which may be found in the Corporate Governance section of this website.

At each of our other project sites in Mexico, we have engaged the local communities and have initiated programs of support commensurate with the stage and degree of exploration activity.


In the period of active exploration between 2010 and 2013, Golden Minerals developed a Corporate Social Responsibility Plan related to its El Quevar project in Salta Argentina that was based on meetings with community leaders from the towns of Salar de Pocitos and Olacapato.  Golden Minerals included direct community action in the plan, with wide-ranging activities including donations of goods and materials, support of development of physical education programs, repairs to community infrastructure, support of construction of new community infrastructure, support of community social events, and direct participation in events organized by the Municipality of San Antonio de los Cobres.  The company also supported selected training workshops, health and vaccination programs for livestock, improvement programs for health clinics and schools, and encouraged development of recycling programs for paper and plastics.  As activities are ramped up again at El Quevar after six years of care and maintenance, we will maintain a dialogue with the communities nearby to appropriately expand local community support and engagement.